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Academic Partners

A partnership agreement was signed February 12, 2013 in Limoges on the creation of a francophone university « l’Université des Mascareignes » ( UDM ) in Mauritius between the President of the University of Limoges and Dr. Rajesh Jeetah Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology of the Republic of Mauritius.

This agreement is a recognition of the expertise of the University of Limoges since it was chosen to help the UDM to develop its governance, teaching and research after the European LMD system (Licence Master Doctorate).

The University of Limoges therefore provide institutional support to the ‘Université des Mascareignes’:

  • Training in governance future governing bodies of the UDM ( department heads, faculty deans , staff of the university established by the Board)
  • Training all stakeholders (lecturers, administrators, technicians) for the educational component
  • Training to research existing teachers and young researchers