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1. Promote the quality of our educational programs in both full-time and part-time modes by including the element of interdisciplinarity.

The specificities of our academic training are:

  • Double Degree Award: International/European and Mauritian
  • Bilingualism - English/French
  • A professional curriculum with a strong desire to forge links with the socio-economic world so as to promote the inclusion of students in the world of work through long training programs (3 and 6 months) which are a compulsory part of the curriculum.

2.  Promote research and innovation

The UdM aims at creating conditions through the IRII (Institut pour la rechercheetl'innovationinterdisciplinaire) for an interdisciplinary research that meets international requirements and is closely linked to the research strategy of Mauritius and the region. The major challenges that will build up the reputation of the UdM will mainly be in the following areas:

  • Networking, information systems and multimedia
  • Civil engineering , urban planning and environment
  • The transformation of resources: energy and sustainable development
  • Industrial systems, risk control, conception and design
  • Management , Economics, Finance
  • Geopolitics

3. Contribute towards the success of students
Student success is a priority objective of any university. During the process, it is necessary to set up the 'Carrefour Etudiant' (Student Crossroad) to assist in the orientation and follow-up of students throughout their course of study at the UdM, to assist them in finding an appropriate job and support them in their professional life thereafter. Student success is inseparable from a process of course evolution and evaluation at the end of each academic year.

4.  Internationalization
The geographical location of Mauritius and its multiculturalism are major assets that the UdM will use to become the International University of the Indian Ocean. Collaborations with European universities such as the Université de Limoges - in this part of the world.

5.  Academic excellence & Focusing on Research

6.  Enrich a vibrant life campus experience at UdM