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Vision and Values

L’Université des Mascareignes (UdM) aims at promoting excellence in quality education, research and innovation on its three sites, namely, the Rose Hill, Stanley and Swami Dayanand campuses.

Within the next decade, the UdM intends to rank itself among the first multidisciplinary and green universities in the region, with the aim of becoming the first-choice University for students, lecturers and researchers of Mauritius and neighboring countries as well as an attractive institution for international researchers and students.

The UdM intends to be complementary to other universities in Mauritius by offering professional courses of international standard by promoting an interdisciplinary approach to research and innovation as well as by promoting awareness about environmental issues.

The fundamental values of the UdM emerge from those universal values of universities and founding institutions whose merger has given rise to the practice of interdisciplinarity.

The University has adopted as its motto ‘Savoir c’est pouvoir ', which involves transparency in the governance and administration and a continuous assessment of its practices based on international indicators. .